Updates! Blog 09.29.2014

Hi everybody!

We have been in Tirana for almost 4 weeks now and we are starting to get back into the groove of life here.  Our family is busy: back to school, back in the office, language learning, and ministry.  The goal of the blog is to be story based so you can see what is going on here, but we have gotten plenty of questions about how things are getting started or about the prior prayer requests so we want to share with you some updates.  Here they are in no particular order:

How is everybody’s health?beautiful people

Good.  We have already gone through the “welcome back” tummy bugs and are mostly on the other side.  Other than that we are pretty healthy, praise God!

How is Juli doing?

Juli Cela was our brother who lost his legs in a bombing.  He is doing really well.  He and his wife were granted visas to go to the US and prosthetic legs were provided for free!  He is back in Albania now and learning to walk on the difficult terrain in Albania.  His faith has grown so much during this time of dependency on the Lord. We are so encouraged and humbled by the faith displayed by him and his wife.

How can we be praying for Juli and Erjola?

Lord willing wJuli and Joelie are going to be posting a video with them in the next couple weeks sharing what God is doing and has done in their lives and what their prayer requests are.  It will be posted here in a future blog.  However, their main request right now is for work for Juli and Erjola.  It is very difficult to find work in Tirana right now and employers are very unlikely to hire Juli, even with the prosthesis.  They will need work very soon though.  Last week they met with the minister of labor and are hoping that office will get work for them.  Please pray they can both be employed soon.

Has the car and the container made it to Albania yet?

Not yet.  We had a ton of trouble getting it out of America.  The US Customs office “randomly” selected our container for search and pulled it off the boat to Albania.  That was a bummer.  A couple weeks later than we thought and a couple thousand dollars in customs fees later our container is now on the way here.  It should be here between mid-October and early-November.  Thank you for the prayers.  They were definitely needed.  Please pray that the container arrives soon as we put the babies’ winter clothes and blankets on the container and it is already starting to get pretty cold at night.

How is the church?

Great!  We have loved being reunited with our brothers and sisters here.  Our church has grown the most natural way- there are 5 new babies since we were here last!  It has been great to see and meet all the new people here.  We all have a lot of growing to do together, but it looks like things are going well.

How can we be praying for the Kemps?

There is a page listed above this blog with prayer requests.  You can click there for our most recent prayer requests.

Thank you so much for your emails, calls, and prayers.  We are so thankful for God’s love shown to us through all of you.  We would love to know how we can be praying for you.  If you have read this far into the blog, shoot us an email letting us know you read it and what your prayer requests are.  If you need our email address, it is listed on the “Contact Info” page shown above.

Thanks and God bless,

The Kemps


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