Praying for our Friend! Blog 06.02.2015

Mida BardhoHello everybody!  We have a prayer request we want to share with you for a young woman in our church.  Her name is Mida Bardho and she is a student here in Tirana. Her and her sister live in Tirana but they are supported by their family in Lushnja, a town in the south of Albania.  This winter the southern part of Tirana was hit very hard by storms and much of the crops in the south were destroyed by flooding.  In February, the greenhouse that Mida’s family had built and that was the major source of their income was destroyed.  Mida’s family has been hit very hard financially and if they aren’t able to rebuild their greenhouse and start generating income again, Mida and her sister are going to have to stop attending school and go back to Lushnja.

First, please pray for God’s provision for the materials for a greenhouse.  Building a new greenhouse will cost about $1,500 and the family is still paying its debt on the one that was destroyed.  Between our church and a Mennonite organization here in Albania, we have collected $300, but we still need to raise $1,200.

Second, if you want to find out more about giving to the project, please email us.  We appreciate it greatly.

Thank you so much for your prayers and love.


The Kemps


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