Happy New Year! Blog 01.05.2016

Hello Friends!  Happy New Year!  We hope this finds you and your family well.

We know it has been a while since we posted and we promise we haven’t forgotten about this or you.  We posted a few months back that we would be working on a video for the Cela family and we have been working hard on it.  All of our blogging time has been going to the video.  We aren’t very good at video creation and would love if you would pray that we would be able to finish the project soon and that it would glorify and honor God.  Thank you to all of you that faithfully pray for us.  We are forever indebted to you and to our great God who hears your prayers and answers them with His great care and mercy.  We love you, friends.  May God bless you in the coming year with wisdom and knowledge of Him and the great love of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

In love,

The Kemps


One thought on “Happy New Year! Blog 01.05.2016

  1. Scott, Eve and family… I found your site and happy that your family has grown and all seems well. I think of you often. Wishing you well and hope to hear from you. Denise ( co- worker)

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